Sunday, October 9, 2011

It is raining cats and dogs.

It has been raining for two whole days, we even had to cancel our Saturday neighborhood golf outing. So we just kind of stayed home and watched movies and played on the computers. We ate leftover cabbage rolls and they were so good..
Worked today, we were busy and my back between my shoulder blades hurt so bad I left a little early. I really don't know why it hurts when I work, my feet are feeling better and now my back is hurting. Everyday I have a new ache or pain.
Tonight Anna and I went to the casino for a little while. We both brought our money home, yeah!!!
I have to work tomorrow, sure hope my back feels better...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cloudy Day

Well, it is Friday already, where did the week go? We were busy every day doing something or other. I worked today and the snowbirds are back early. Busy as ever.
Yesterday I taught Carol and Anna how to made cabbage rolls and tonight I am having company for dinner to try them out. They look so good and I am really hungry. We also made salsa and that was really good too.
It is suppose to rain all weekend and be rainy, but I will believe it when it happens.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beautiful Day

It was a gorgeous day here in Florida, warm, sunny and breezy.
I went to water aerobics, then to Public's to do some shopping. This afternoon I tried to catch up on some housework and made a nice dinner.
Audrey, John and Shirley just took a nice walk tonight and now it is time for NCIS. Carol just got home from New Hampshire and little Pam is coming home tonight from Mansfield Ohio. So everyone is now here. We are making plans for Thursday night.

Getting Settled

We are trying to get settled here in The Villages. We have seen most of our friends and done quite a few activities. We golfed Saturday at Bogart, it wasn't pretty. That's what happens when you don't golf all summer. We ate at TooJays in Sumter Landing.
I have been to zumba, Red Hats and we went to the movies to see Moneyball. Very good movie.
I went gambling with the girls and we all hit the community jackpot for $83.00. That was great...
When we got here the airconditioner was not working, the internet wouldn't hook up and we need new tires on the car. I need to hit some more jackpots...
The weather has been beautiful and we have been to the pool a few times, in fact I am on my way to water aerobics when I finish this.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Busy Week

Monday night went out with Evelyn, Megan, Aaron and Pat to Applebees in Dundee. That Aaron is a real cutie. During the day I cooked for the party on Tuesday.
Tuesday I baked and cleaned house for the birthday party. The whole family was here including Grandma and Grandpa to celebrate Dakota's, Rob and Matt's birthday. Everyone seemed to like the food and we had a really nice evening.
Today we cleaned up and Bud did all the hardwood floors. Then I went to Toledo Hospital to see Pam. Her surgery went okay but she has lots of internal stitches, she waited way to long to have her bladder suspended and the tissues was very thin. Her hysterectomy went as planned. So maybe she can come to Florida to recoup...
Tonight we are just watching the boob tube, at least the new shows are starting. Tomorrow we have to pack and do all the last minutes things we have put off.