Sunday, November 7, 2010

Too Tired to Blog

I have been burning the candle at both ends and I think it is about to catch up with me. I haven't had time to blog and so I am going to try and remember all the things I have been doing.
Don and Twyla were here for a few days. Us girls (JUGS) spent one evening at Marguertaville and saw Norman Lee. He was way beyond wonderful, we had a great time. Kathy B and her husband Bob visited from Toledo, had a nice dinner at TooJays and gave them a tour. They were impressed to say the least.
We had a neighbor dinner at Fuji Steak House, it was very good and all twenty four of them came to our house for dessert. Thanks to Dominic, who made the cakes.
Work has been so busy, the dreaded snowbirds are back in full force...
We went to one of favorite places, Catfish Johnny's on Tuesday. What a great little place, had a ball. Took Sandy and Ron from shuffleboard and they loved it.
Played shuffleboard and won a few and lost a few, Oh well.
Played golf several times and we now have the distinction of turning in the highest score ever turned in on our Saturday league. Six over..We have golfed at Walnut Creek, Mira Mesa, Chula Visa and one other one, I can't remember. Bud has golfed lots lately, Saddlebrook, Chula Visa, Mira Mesa, Silver Lake and will play Diablo on Wednesday.
He has been fixing Bill and Anna's bathroom and just got that done and then he fixed Carol's kitchen cupboards for her today. He is one busy man.
Anna had a garage sale on Friday and he went and helped her set up, fortunately I had to work.
On Friday ten of us went out for our 44th anniversary to the Fuji Steak House and had a nice dinner and then to see Secretariat. What a great picture. Definitely a must see.
Last night after golf I just crashed and I had a bad night with leg cramps. Today was the busiest day yet so I am just hanging out at home tonight.
Tomorrow is another day...

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