Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Last day to work in Michigan

I worked for the last time today for this year in Michigan. I called Bob Evans in Florida and they said to come in when I get there. I sure hope Bud is able to drive.
I am still itching and he is still gimping along. We make quite a pair. He is definitely not used to not being able to move. Steve is getting our car ready for the trip, new brakes and tires. What would we do without our Steven. He is super good to us.
It was such a gorgeous day here I kind of hate to leave. There is not anything much better than a fall day in Michigan.
Grandma Kohn is finally home from the hospital so we will go to Toledo to see her and pick up my glasses. I sure hope they are okay this time. I miss not being able to see......
Our favorite TV shows start tonight so I am going to wrap this up and go relax.

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