Friday, September 19, 2008

Went to the Doctors-AGAIN

I took Bud for a MRI today in Toledo. We will get the results next Thursday-there is never a rush with the medical profession. It took all morning and then we went and picked up my glasses. Of course, they said they could put the new lenses in while we waited but when we got there they said "Oh No" We have to send these out and they won't be ready until Tuesday. I am not a happy camper today.
Then we went to the family doctor for my poison ivy. He said, "You don't feel too good, do you" That's right Sherlock, I have been scratching for a week and not sleeping, what do you think?. He gave me medicine and a shot and told me not to scratch.
Bud's doctor gave him Ocycotten, that is some strong stuff so I think I'll take one of those and we just sit here zoned out of our minds and forget the pain and suffering. Ha Ha.
Bud's mom was suppose to come today from the hospital but didn't because she is dehydrated. Maybe tomorrow..
Well, I am off to my chair and another wonderful evening of "Law and Order".

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Jessica said...

This post made me giggle! You and Uncle Bud in la la land! LOL