Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a crazy weekend

All we did was run this weekend. On Saturday we went and watched Dakota play soccer and then went to the bowling alley and watched the kids bowl and Dakota had a big cookie. He sure liked that.
Today, I worked and came home and fixed dinner for all my kids. We had some presents and some cupcakes for Matt and Dakota's birthday. My lasagna was took forever to bake, my oven doesn't heat up right. Robert said he had to be to work by five o'clock in the morning and we should hurry up and eat. We have enough left over for dinner tomorrow night, yeah....
My sister calls me and Bud, gimp and itch. I am still scratching and he is still gimping along. It doesn't seem to be getting any better.
Only two more days to work here in Michigan. I can't wait to get to Florida. I miss my kids but maybe this year they will come and visit us. That would make me very happy. They should come while the kids are little and can really enjoy it.

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Jessica said...

Gimp and Itch, I'll have to remember those names! lol