Monday, September 22, 2008

One More Day To Work

Well, I only have one more day to work. Then the girls always take me to the Wilderness Bar and we have drinks and play rip-off tickets. I really like most of the girls I work with here. It is hard to believe that on the day after Thanksgiving it will be nine years that I have worked for Bob Evans. I can say one think about my job, it different every day and I sure have met a lot of people. Mostly nice ones, too.
Bud's leg still hurts and I am still itching a little. Bud's mom is still in the hospital, she is dehydrated but might be able to come home tomorrow.
I am trying to pack a few things and throw some things away. I have so much junk, you can not believe how much stuff I have. When I get home next spring I am having another garage sale and getting rid of this junk. It is driving me crazy.
Going to take a shower and watch TV for a while. The new shows are starting tonight.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

9 years - WOW! Have fun with the rip-off tickets. Remember me if you win big! ;)