Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Start of a New Week

We were pretty busy at work considering that not all the snowbirds are back yet. But is was busy enough for me. My dogs were barking at the end of my shift.
In the evening we went to Jane's and had dinner and then we went to Spanish Springs to see a movie. "You Again". It was okay, I would say about a five out of ten. They had a good idea and could have done a lot more with it.
On Monday I worked again. Of course, the young girl, about 18, showed up but was sick. I told the boss, "Everytime I work, they either don't show up or they are sick." It is always the same old thing.
Monday night we went over to the square and I got a watch. Mine died and I can't stand to be without a watch. They sell them for ten dollars with two batteries and they last about a year or more. I am certainly high maintenance.
Today I worked in the house, trying to get ready for company. Pat and Gary will be here tomorrow and I had to get the extra bedroom ready and get some groceries.
So tonight the Comcast guy came and fixed our cable box, we were paying for things we couldn't get so he said our box was not working right.
So now I am watching NCIS and getting ready to call it a night..

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