Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where Did The Summer Go?

I am so sorry I haven't written anything for so long. It is just when we left Florida to go home to Michigan we were only home for two weeks and we went back to Florida for six more weeks. I didn't have my computer with me as we were traveling light so I got way behind in my posts and then when we did get home it seemed like we were so busy.
But I am going to try and start writing again. I even like to go back and read what I wrote. I can re-live all my memories and never have to leave my computer.
The first thing we did was to finally get to see our new Great-Grandson, Aaron. He is a cutie pie and they call him Little Man. Well, Little Man will steal your heart..
We took two long motorhome trips with our club. We spent a few days at Don and Twyla's with some of our other friends and had a great time. We spent at few days at Sandy's cottage in Houghton Lake. Pam and Rod from The Villages came and spent some time here.Pat and Gary came from Holly Michigan we spent the day at the golf course and had dinner out. I have spent lots of time with Pam and we have been all over Toledo. One of the highlights was our trip to one of our Red Hatters mansion on the Maumee River. One of the biggest houses I was ever in. That was one fun day...
We took the grandsons to the movie "Toy Story" and one night we took them to Putt-Putt. Bud has been golfing with Rob and to car shows with Steve and Scott.
I have been trying new recipes and eating lots of wonderful corn and tomatoes. Oh, they are so good here in Michigan.
Also when you have two houses there is always repairs to be done. We had four new windows put in our family room. Now you can actually see out of the windows. Bud had to fix my Jeep after our accident on the way home from Florida. We took the money and he did the work.
The worst thing to happen was the lost of my son's father-in-law. It sure hit the family hard but I sure hope he knew how many friends and family he actually had. It was the biggest funeral I have ever attended.
I have to add this, I went to Bingo and won $60.00 and Linda won $100. That doesn't happen very often..
It has been very hot here this summer with very little rain.
Today Pam and I met with my sister-in-law and had a nice lunch and then watched a video. I sure wanted to see her before I left.
Well it is getting late and I didn't sleep too good last night. So I am signing off for tonight.

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