Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Wrap up your tender plants and get out your winter gear, it is pretty cold here for tonight and tomorrow.
This morning we took the golf cart and went and took Christmas pictures with the Mancos. We had our Santa hats on and all the golf carts that went by stopped and said Merry Christmas. They probably thought we were crazy. We found a perfect spot and we wanted to get it done. The golf cart ride was a little breezy.
Tonight we went to the Ohio Club. We had a great potluck, our table was called first. Hooray! One of Pam & Dave's friends is here now so he called and asked us to save him a seat. Our circle of friends just keeps on growing. Both Pam A and I won $10 on the raffle. I also won $20 dollars last night at the Michigan Club. That's better than working. The entertainment was pretty good also. This club is very active, next week we have the entire OutBack Restaraunt for the evening, we are also having a Vodka Tasting evening. The President really does a fine job.
I stopped at Katie Belle's and got tickets for concerts for when Pam and Dave get here. I am quickly filling up their social calendar.
Guess I will go and watch a little TV.

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Jessica said...

Pam and Dave are going to need a vacation from their vacation! lol Glad to hear that ya'll are staying busy and that there is always something new and exciting to do.