Saturday, November 29, 2008


We have been very busy getting ready for my sister and Dave to arrive. We opened up their house and aired it out, etc. On Wednesday we went golfing with Rod and Pam, had a great time, but my golfing skills need some work. In the evening we went to the Church on the Square for their entertainment. A villager sang the songs of Kenny Rogers and Neil Diamond. He was pretty good. The church was full, it holds 800 people and we were all singing Lucille and Sweet Caroline.
On Thursday we went to Marguerite and Ray's house with Pam and Rod had a truly enjoyable day. The hostess was great, the food was wonderful and then we played a rousing game of Mexican Train. Just a really fun day. I am so thankful that we have such nice friends here in the villages. They are our family away from home. I missed my kids, but talked to all of them.
On Friday I worked, very busy. IHOP just opened down the street and I really thought we wouldn't be so busy but we were.
When I got home I called Pam and they were already in Georgia. Dave drives way too fast for me. They got her about 11:15 p.m. and we helped them unload the visited for a while.
They came down and had breakfast and then had some errands to do. We went golfing again with Pam and Rod and golfed a little better today. Then we all met at Pam's and sat around and laughed the day away. Tonight we went to Margueritaville (Pam's favorite place)for dinner and then to the square to dance and people watch.
Then we went back to Margueritaville for more drinks. Their friends from Toledo were there (they always are) and so we just left them to find their own way home on the golfcart. We might never see them again.....Pam is thoughly enjoying herself.
Well, tomorrow I have to work. Oh happy day....

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Jessica said...

Glad you and Pam are able to enjoy some fun times together. Let her know that the dogs are all getting along and Madison is a bit more at ease today.