Sunday, November 16, 2008

Great Party at the Armsteads

I started Saturday by going to water aerobics. The pool water was just fantastic. It was a little cloudy when I first got there but all of a sudden the warm sun came out and we just didn't want to leave that pool.
It the afternoon Bud and I went and did a bit of Christmas shopping while they still had what we wanted. It the evening Pam and Rod had everyone over for dinner and games. Pam brought Bob Evans beer brats back from Ohio (we can't get them here) and they were oh so tasty. Then the eight of us played "Screw Your Neighbor". We had a blast. I am surprised you didn't hear us laughing all the way up north. It was a great time with great friends. Since we don't have any family here they are all like an extended family.
Today I worked. I really don't know if the people down here ever eat at home, they were just running in to eat. And so many big parties. When I got home I could hardly move.
Tonight we kind of just vegged out and watched "Extreme Makeover" from Toledo. It was a real tear jerker. I wished I could help some deserving people like that. We went and saw that house when we were home. It looked a lot bigger on TV but it was very nice. It is amazing how they got that big house on a very small city lot but it fits in quite well with the neighborhood.

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