Saturday, November 1, 2008

Spectacular Saturday

I tried to write in this blog on Thursday evening after we got home from the October Fest parade and I wrote but it only printed half of what I wrote and deleted the rest and I was too tired to do it over.
Yesterday I worked all day and then we had eleven people over for dinner and a dice game called Left, Right, Center. We all had a great time.
Today we kinda of slept in and then went over to visit our new neighbors. They are from Montana and he is a tennis instuctor. He should fit right in here.After that we met 35 other golf carts at the Hacienda Rec Center and joined in a golf cart poker run. We had to go to six different rec centers and pick up our cards and then we met at Little Bits Restaruant and had dinner. First prize was $50 dollars but we didn't win anything. By the time we got home I was tired and Bud's leg was hurting so we are staying home tonight and resting.
I sure hope my daughter-in-laws send me Halloween pictures. I really miss seeing the kids all dressed up. I really need the pictures as how can I scrap if I don't get any good pics.

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Jessica said...

We used to play left, right, center, that's a FUN game!