Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Anniversary-42 Years

Today is our anniversary. We didn't do anything special today, just went shopping at the new Beal's on 466 here in the Villages. We are going out Saturday night to celebrate with friends at a new restaurant call Bone Fish. It is suppose to be excellent.
We stayed up last night and watched the election results. I sure hope Obama does everything he has promised to do. It is so scary for everyone but I worry about my boys and their families. We have been through rough times before and we made it. I remember when Jimmy Carter was in office and they were charging 18 percent to buy a house and the auto industry was in the dumpster. But we made it. I guess you could say it made us stronger.
I just made a pumpkin crumble for the shuffleboard gang tomorrow. It sure looks good. The recipe was in the paper today so I thought I would try it. They'll eat anything.
There was also a good story on Talk of the Villages today and I am going to try and include it on this blog. I think it would be a good thing to read to your children.
Perfect Picture
There was a picture tonight from Grant Park that was particularly meaningful to me. It was a picture of a little girl sitting on her Daddy's shoulders, waving a flag.
When I was about her age, an African-American family tired to move into our town. A suburb right outside of Chicago. Some people got so riled up, they physically pushed the family's furniture out of a second story window and set it on fire. My father took me to see, ignoring my mother's arguments. There was a crowd there, so he put me on his shoulders to give me a good view. I remember being afraid for those people. I remember the woman crying, And I cried.
Then my father said, "I wanted you to see this because I don't ever, EVER want you to treat another human being like this because of the color of their skin." That image was burned into my mind forever. It was a tall lesson at a very young age, but I learned it well.
When I saw that little girl on her father's shoulders tonight, smiling, looking with wonder and joy, I thought-Wow, she's in a better world that I came from. I felt such joy for her. And I felt so proud of our country tonight.. God has blessed America, but I'll ask again. May God Bless America and President Obama.

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Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary Uncle Bud and Aunt Judy! I hope Jason and I make it to 42 years!