Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Sister Is Here

I haven't had time to blog because my sister is here. Oh my gosh, we have been running like we are crazy. Of course, we have to go shopping, dancing, to shows, eating out, having company, etc. It is so great to have her so close.
I took off for the entire week from work and I hit the floor running.
My friend Jane had us all over to her house for dinner last night and we had so much fun, she has a hot tub in her house so of course we had to get in. It was wonderful.
We went to digital scrapbooking class and learned some new things.We had the gang over for soup on Sunday night and then we went to the entertainment on the square. On Monday I worked, went to dinner, went to the tree lighting and then Pam used Bud's ticket for our concert series. We saw Lorenzo Lamas and he is just beautiful. Sings good but looks better. By the time that day was over I was tired....
Today all the girls went to Katie Bells to line dance and have lunch. Tonight our friends from Michigan arrived for a few days and we all went to the mexican restaraunt "El Ranchero". Now I am going to finish this and go to bed.

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Jessica said...

I didn't know Lorenzo Lamas sang?! I learn so much from my Aunt Judy!