Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday & Tuesday

On Monday I worked all day. When I got home I can't remember what we did.!!!! Isn't that awful, I am racking my brain and I just can't remember.
Today I had to go to the Wal-Mart and fight the traffic. These people can't drive when the sun is shining I sure would hate to see how they would drive in snow and ice. It boggles the mind.
Oh, yeah I remember what we did last night. We attended the Ohio Buckeye Club, Of course we had a great potluck supper and some nice entertainment. I won a bottle of flavored syrup you put in coffee from Starbuck's. Just what I wanted...I wish I would have won the money.
Tonight our good friends, Joanne and Leo from our camping club came over and we went to the Church on the Square and saw a female singer and she was fantastic. Then we went to our favorite rib joint, Oakwood Grill. Mighty good eating..Then we took them to see some of the Christmas lights.
We will be seeing lots of them because they are camping in their motorhome at his sister's in the next town.
We got bad news that Rob's Jennifer lost her dear sweet grandfather yesterday. He will be shown today and buried tomorrow. He was 91 one years old and was crazy about Jennifer and Dakota.
It's late so I will turn in for the day. Tomorrow it is suppose to be in the 80's again. Oh happy day...

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Jessica said...

Merry Christmas Aunt Judy and Uncle Bud!!!