Sunday, December 21, 2008

Party, Party, Party

Our neighbors had a party for everyone that golfs on Tangerine Drive. Oh,my when he sent the invitaions and it said an cocktail party with just appitizers, I should have know not to eat dinner. They had everything. We had scrimp, filled creme puffs with crab salad and tuna salad. roastbeef and ham, relish tray, crackers and cheese, hot wings, mild wings, salsa, cheese dips, fancy deviled eggs,candy and an open bar. We had beer, wine and pina coladas. The house is decorated to the hilt. On the way out everyone got a gift basket, exquisitely wrapped that is about two foot high. We didn't open ours yet, guess we'll wait until Christmas. They sure know how to throw a party.
Well, I worked today so right know I am falling asleep writing this....It was about 80 degrees here again today..

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Jessica said...

That sounds like the kind of party I'd like to host. One people will talk about and just can't wait to attend next year. Guess I'll have to come visit and get some pointers from your neighbor!