Saturday, December 20, 2008

Golfing Saturday

Saturday started off kind of cool but we played golf (El Diablo) on our neighborhood leauge. By the time we got to the second hole, off came the coat. It was a beautiful day for golf.
On the way there we had kind of an accident, my golf bag fell off the golf cart, Bud backed up to get it, backed up too far and ran over it, so I reached over and stepped on the gas to get off of it, and I didn't realize it was still in reverse and backed up over the entire bad and put a hole in the bag and ruined by new driver. We were like the keystone cops, what a sight we were. Oh, well at least I didn't run over Bud.
We played quite well but didn't win the prize money.For lunch we all went to El Santiago Country Club. It looks like a Jimmy Buffet Key West place.
Well, it is off to bed, work tomorrow....

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Jessica said...

This post made me laugh so much!