Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Wirldwind of Activity

It has been a wonderful week here in The Villages. With Pam and Dave here we hit the floor running and have not stopped. The weather however could be a lot better. It is the coldest it has been here in years. That figures, you have out of town guests and the weather just does not cooperate. But it sure beats Ohio and Michigan weather.
We have done so many things, I can't even remember all of them.
Our good motorhome friends Don and Twyla came to stay a few days. They will leave on Sunday
We went out for dinner at ToJays, a New York style deli, wonderful food. Then we went to see "Australia". I think it will probably be voted best picture of the year. A must see...
Seven of us girls went to Clermont to a HSN warehouse to do some shopping. We filled up that SUV to the max. We almost had to bungee cord Pam to the roof. The guys went to a Don Garland car show while we shopped.
We went to the pool and met a charming Italian man in his nineties who made us really laugh.
Ten of us went to the new Havana Country Club and had a great dinner outside on the veranda. Really a classy place, good food, etc. A real winner.
Today I worked, I had to go to work to rest. Tonight we went to Katie Belle's and saw the comedy show starring the Villages Godfather. He puts on quite an act. We all enjoyed it tremendously.
It is now almost eleven o'clock and I need to go to bed. Don't know if I will last another week.

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Solana said...

Wow you are all having a blast......
it has been soooo cold here
we cant wait to get back,
but dont think I could ever keep up the pace! We should be back 29th