Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunday In The Villages

I worked today and we were super busy. It made the day go by really fast.
when I got home we kind of vegged out, thought we would go to the pool but I didn't have the engery to get undressed.
Dave, our neighbor just got back from Pennsylvania. He got sick up there and was put in the hospital so that is why they were gone so long. He has congestive heart failure.
In the evening we went to our bowling meeting. We went to the bowling alley and there was no one there from our group so I remembered we should have went to the Hacienda Rec Hall. Oh well, we made it in time.
We start bowling next Sunday night. The team is sponsored by the Michigan Club and everyone who bowls in from Michigan.
Then we went to Ollie's Ice Cream and had banana splits, very good. We met some new people from Michigan and had a lot of laughs.

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