Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday & Friday-Outstanding Weather

On Thursday I made out some Christmas cards (it is had to do when it is 80 degrees outside) and in the afternoon we played shuffleboard on our league. We only won ten games out of 24 because we had to forfeit six games because of people not showing up. That is very inconsiderate. We could have gotten subs if we had known. Both Bud and I won two games each.
Today I worked and got quite a few presents from my customers, money, cookies, candy, and movie tickets including popcorn and a drink. I was just like a little kid. In the afternoon we went to the Rolling Acres Golfing Range with Bill and Eva and hit a bucket of balls. We are trying to get in some practice before Saturday. I went and got my nails done while Bud made supper. We have had a full day....

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