Monday, July 13, 2009

More Garage Sales & Golf

We had our last day of the garage sale on Friday. It was pretty slow and no excitment like on Thursday. On Saturday morning, Pam, Dave, me and Bud went golfing at Giant Oak in Temperance, Michigan. It is a real nice golf course, I have been driving pass it for years but it is just off the road so you can't see it. It was the nicest golf course so far that we have tried. We had a coupon so that was even better. Then we went to Brenda's to eat a early dinner. It is on the corner of M-151 and Lewis Avenue. They had the best broasted chicken. Everyone was very pleased with their food so I know we will return. I figured they had to have good food or they would have closed by now. It is not the best location in the world.
Today I worked around here, keeping the garbage man busy by throwing things away. We had an estimate for our new roof. He quoted us around $17,000. I almost laughed in his face. When he left Bud said he had better get his knee pads and the nail gun out. That is almost what we paid to have this house built. I realize things have went up but that is totally out of line.
Evelyn and Matt and Harly were over this afternoon. Megan turned eighteen this weekend, boy do I feel old.....

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