Friday, November 13, 2009

We Live In a Wonderful Place

On Tuesday we bit the bullet and bought a new golf cart. We have saved for it, we needed it and it was our 43rd wedding anniversary present to each other. It is a Yamaha gas cart with a sumbrella enclosure. It even has a gas gauge and speedometer. Wednesday night I went to Bingo at the Jewish Synagogue, won eleven dollars and had a great time. The pots are really good there, around $250 but I only won a door prize.
Thursday a cold front came through and it wasn't as cold as it was windy. We played shuffleboard and I won one game and so did Bud but I didn't dress for it to be that cold so I sat out the last game. After the game we went to Karen and Murray's house for drinks and met their neighbors who are from Trenton Michigan. Today I worked and we were swamped again. The day went really fast.
Tonight we met Ben and Ann for dinner at the Sunrise Cafe. The food was okay but they have entertainment and it was wonderful. It was a blue grass and country band and every seat was filled. I liked every song they sang. There is so many places you can go and be entertained it is amazing. I have been entertained to the max. I can't wait to take Dave there, he will love it.
Rob called and said they are now going to Hawaii in January instead of coming to Florida. I realize it might be their last chance to go to Hawaii and be able to have a place to stay for free but I was looking forward to them coming here. Well, maybe next year....They did send me Dakota's school picture and he is a beautiful child.

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