Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's Finally Warm Again

On Friday I worked, got my nails done and we went to Wally World, again...In the evening I sort of fell asleep in my chair, I was a bad girl. I have so many scrapbook pages to do and I just couldn't get out of my chair.
Today was just a perfect day.I made white chicken chili for the first time today. Then we went and played miniature golf at a really nice place. We went with the Ohio Buckeye Club. Pam got a hole in one. Then we went to Pimlico Rec Center and had pizza and ice cream and got our prizes. We didn't win anything for golfing but I won ten dollars in the raffle. Then we went home, got the golf cart, clubs and went and played golf with Pam and Rod at Mira Mesa. We played best ball by couples and they won by four strokes. We were winning most of the way until the sixth hole. Oh well, we had a great time.
Then we came over here and ate hamburgers and soup. It turned out pretty good. They all said they liked it. We called Jim and Jane and they came over to eat too. These impromptu dinners are the best, no muss, no fuss
It was just a beautiful day, in fact we were hot out there in the sun..But I am not complaining a bit, we just love it here....

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