Saturday, January 31, 2009

Too Busy To Write

I have had such a wonderful week that I have been too tired and too busy to write. Le's see if I can remember all the things we have done. I worked on Monday, we played golf. On Tuesday I went to Red Hats for our Christmas in January party. On Wednesday eight of us took Jim and Jane's RV and traveled to Deland Florida to the State Park, cooked our own pancakes in an old mill and then went to another state park to see the manatees. We had a wonderful time, it was such a beautiful day, good friends, good food and plenty of laughs. In the evening we went to the Ohio Club meeting, potluck, raffle and entertainment.
Thursday it rained most of the day so we stayed home and I worked on my digital scrapbooking.
On Friday I worked and then me and Jane played golf at Hilltop. Today we played golf with the neighborhood gang. We came in second place, Bud had a birdie putt and had one heck of hit to give us a par on a very hard hole. We all ate lunch at Bob Evans, we went to the bookstore and then to Wal-Mart.

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