Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

The first Tuesday of the month is always Digital Scrapbooking. We sure learn a lot there, Margie taught us how to do powerpoint. Now if I can just remember when I get home. Marguerite and I had a mixup on lunch. I said, "Let's go to Beef O'Brady's because I have a tee time. She said, okay. When we left the meeting she said, " I have to go to the bathroom first, so I'll meet you there. I went to Beef O'Brady's in Mulberry Square, got a seat and she never came. So I went on home. She went to Beef O'Brady's in Southern Trace, got a seat and I never came, so she went home. I never thought to tell her what one I was going to and neither did she. Miscommunacation in action. So we missed lunch...
When I got home Bud and Dave had been riding around all morning in Dave' classic car and they had lunch at Beef O'Brady's.
We had a 3:30 tee time at El Sandiago with Pam and Rod. We had so much fun..We played partners best ball and me and Bud won. My new clubs are sure working for me.
Then we went to TooJays for dinner and then to Marguaritaville for drinks and to listen to "The Piano Man". He was quite good but all the seats were full except for a table with four high bar stools. Not comfortable for me and Pam at all. Our legs are not long enough. But we had a great day..

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