Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Dancing on the Square Tonight

It is quite chilly here in The Villages. Tuesday I went to digital scrapbooking and the sun was shining but the wind was blowing hard. When I got home we picked all of our lemons off the tree because they said there was going to be a hard freeze. Tuesday night we went to our Michigan Club for a meeting and potluck. We signed up for night golf and St. Patrick's Day festivities.
Today I payed bills, schredded papers and just relaxed. This evening we went to the Church on the Square to see Dunning Shaw. He is just a marvelous entertainer. It was a great show and then the Godfreys and me and Bud had dinner at Ruby Tuesday.
We are getting that cold front from up north and tonight was the first time I can ever remember that there was no band in the square. I guess people don't really want to dance outside when the temperature is only 33 degrees. Everyone has their tender plants covered up with blankets and sheets. This weather should only last one more day, I hope so, we have to play shuffleboard tomorrow and have a tee time on Saturday. Oh, the life of a Villager....

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