Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I've Been So Lucky

On Monday I worked, pretty busy but they finally got me out at the correct time. In the evening me and Anna and Jane went to Bunco. I finally won, after all these years of playing I had the most Buncos. But unfortunately two other people had the same amount so we had to split. I ended up getting $27.00. Not too bad....
On Tuesday Marguerite and I hosted the Red Hats at the Cottilion Restrauant in Wildwood. They cook like Paula Dean, lots of butter, etc. The food was good and all the girls enjoyed it. We always have a raffle and guess who won. Me...I won $12 this time. I am on a roll so I might buy a lottery ticket today..Three of us went to the movies to see Julia and Julie. Now this is my third time to see it and I still enjoyed it. I really couldn't say that about most movies. When I find something good I like to share it with my friends and they hadn't seen it yet, so why not go again.
Today I have been planning our anniversary party and doing errands. I always say I am not going to do that running around on my day off and I always end up doing it anyway. Bud had the physical therapist here today and she said she will release him on Friday. He is so bored, just watching TV.

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