Wednesday, October 1, 2008

90 Degrees Again Today

It is just gorgeous here today, hot and sunny. We spent most of the morning unpacking and putting things away. We also made a great container of fresh salsa. It's really got a bite to it.
Our friends came this afternoon and we went to the Southside Pool which is the closest one to our house. It is a great pool with a nice hot tub. We spent three hours there and came home all red and wrinkled. We had a great time in the pool, everyone is friendly and we all talked and laughed.
Well, wouldn't you know it as soon as we get two nickels to rub together, something breaks. Now the air conditioner is not working. The repair man came out but it couldn't fix it because it was all froze up. He'll be back tomorrow and either he can fix it or we will have to get a new one. You can't survive down here without an air conditioner. I know these things happen to everyone but enough is enough. Our washing machine in Michigan took a dump and so we had to get a new washer and dryer.
We have an early appointment with the orthopedic doctor tomorrow and then I will suffleboard on our league at one o'clock. Bud will have to be content to keep score and cheer me on to victory.
Well, it is kind of warm in here so I am going to take a cool shower and call it a night.

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