Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking Club Day

It's nice and warm here today. Went to my Digital Scrapbooking Club today. Marguerite picked me up and we had a nice chat on the way. She is happy that her son-in-law finally got a new job after having been unemployed for five months.
The club was very informative and after the meeting we went to Perkins for lunch.
When I got home the air conditioner man was here and we signed the papers so we will have the new one by Thursday or Friday.
My computer is not working right, I can send messages but I am not receiving any. Tomorrow I will have to call someone to fix it. I have to have my computer. I think I would rather have my computer than my air conditioner.
After dinner Bud and I went to Bealls on the golfcart and than took a long ride. We helped a man whose car had broken down. He didn't have a cell phone so he used mine to call AAA. While we were waiting with him the Village Watch truck and came to make sure he was okay. He was on his way to watch Rocky and the Rollers at Spanish Springs and his car just quit on him.
I met some new neighbors tonight. They are from Germany. The debates are on so I had better go and watch so I can be an informed voter.

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Solana said...

Judy that was nice that you got to help that fellow out
Wish I was there to join you gals for lunch

I emailed you other night to say you could sleep at my house till AC is fixed
but if your email is broken I guess you didnt get message
I miss you too...
here is the pic of our new home