Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Air Conditioner is In

Went to water aerobics this morning. Bud was home all watching the guys put our new air conditioner in. He always watches them to make sure they do it right. It is suppose to be very energy efficient so I will know when we get our first electric bill.
We didn't do much the rest of the day, just caught up on housework and laundry. I sure miss Bud not being able to get around and do all the things he did for me. His leg is still swollen and quite sore.
It was beautiful here again today and tonight I went for a nice walk with the neighbors.


Solana said...

Glad to see you are keeping cool!
Tomorow is moving day for us so I will probably be without internet the next 2 days
I hope Buds leg feel s better soon
hugz to all...miss you

Jessica said...

YEA for A/C! Jason has been complaining about the Texas heat a lot lately. I told him he's in for a drastic temperature change when he makes it home.