Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Terriffic Tuesday

Got up really early today because Bud needed a pain pill and I don't like him to take them on an empty stomach. Then we fell asleep in our lazy boy chairs and I was almost late to my digital scrapbooking meeting.
The meeting was very informative and I met a real nice lady named Mary who is just starting out in digital. She joined Marguerite and me for lunch at the new hotel, Waterfront Inn. The restaurant is called Amelia's and it is a beautiful place. However, their food left something to be desired. I certainly won't rush back, beautiful decor doesn't really fill me up.
This afternoon I helped Marguerite with some templates in photoshop as much as I could. We had a lot of laughs as my computer ate some of my files or sent them to cyberspace or somewhere. I still can't find them.
When she left I went to Walmart to get some groceries for my cabbage rolls I am making for the potluck tomorrow night at the Ohio Club.
After dinner with went to the Michigan Club for our monthly meeting. We had an ice cream social, signed up for a nighttime golf outing and took line dancing lessons.
In the pictures Rod and Jane are in the front row and me and Pam are in the second row. We now know the Cuban Shuffle and Tiffany. We certainly need alot of practice but we had lots of laughs.
Well, it is time to take that shower and hit the sheets.

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