Thursday, October 9, 2008

Boy, Did It Rain Today!!

I put another picture up from the parade. Then it deleted my other picture. Oh, what to do???

It was a beautiful day again and I did errands and then when to my shuffleboard league. We took 15 games out of 24 which is pretty good. We were playing just fine and then the sky started to get dark and then it started to rain. So we stopped the third game and started home. By the time we got home it was really raining. The news said 4-7 inches an hour. It rained for over an hour and then it stopped and the sun came out again.

Tonight we went to our Italian Club meeting. There were 362 people there and they had a band and a big dance floor. They served cannolis and coffee and had a drawing. I realize that I am Italian but I have never heard such rude people. They would not shut up long enough to even let the President talk. Can you imagine a room full of Italians, all drinking and talking, and moving their arms, all at the same time. One of the entertainers was telling jokes and we couldn't even hear them.

Well, we are home now and going to bed early. Bud has to be at the hospital at 5:45 am. So it will be a short night. I sure hope everything turns out okay.

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Jessica said...

Good luck Uncle Bud! Keep us posted on his progress please.