Monday, October 27, 2008

Wacky Weekend and Marvy Monday

I started to write in this blog last night and my keyboard kept sticking so I called it a night and so I am going to finish this tonight. I know we did something on Saturday but I can't remember what. Oh now I remember we went to the movies to see "Alpolusa". It was a cowboy show. It wasn't too bad and I didn't fall asleep but I don't think I would recommend it unless you really like westerns. Then we went to eat at El Ranchitos. Now that was pretty tasty. It is so close to our house but we never seem to go there.
On Sunday I worked and we were swamped. The snowbirds are back!!!! In the evening Marguerite and Ray came to visit.
Today I worked like a dog. Too many customers and not enough help. So what else is new??? Tonight eight of us went to Katie Bell's at Spanish Springs. It is an old fashioned restaurant and dance hall only open to residents of the Villages. A couple named Donna Moore and Dunning Shaw put on a great show. They impersonate all the great acts, like Rod Stewart, Liza Minnelli, Elvis, Sonny and Cher, Janis Joplin, Elton John and lots more. They were absolutely wonderful. They put on two shows on Monday nights and they are sold out every show. I sure hope we can tickets when Pam and Dave get here. We all had excellent food and service was super. Then we went to Market night at the square and me and Bud each got new watches. Cheap but they work.
So right now I am tired and I am going to go relax and go to bed.

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