Friday, October 3, 2008

First Day Back On The Job

I worked my first day at Bob Evans today. I saw all my old customers, worked with all the same girls as last year. It was really a pleasant day.
When I got home I made a meatloaf and we went to Margaurite and Ray's house for dinner. They were suppose to come here but without air conditioning I don't think they would have been too comfortable. We had a great dinner and then played Mexican Train. Bud's leg was hurting so we called it an evening early.
I told my boss that I was sorry but my husband was having surgery next Friday and I wouldn't be able to work, he said that's okay, we'll take care of it. They are really nice to me. I told the doctor that Friday didn't fit into my schedule and he said, "I only operate on Fridays, sorry". So what choice did I have.
It was lovely here again today, about 85 and sunshine. It makes me feel bad you people up north are having freeze warnings. Yeah, right.

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